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Dr. Julia Matveev

Book: Interpretative Commentary on Bilingual ‘Parallel’ Poems by Ludwig Strauss

Abstract: The book is an interpretative commentary to bilingual poems written by (Arie) Ludwig Strauss (Aachen 1892 ˗ Jerusalem 1953) in the period between 1934 and 1952.Strauss believed in “the magic of the great art” which, in his view, is able not only to evoke noble (intellectual and aesthetic) pleasures but also bring us in active contact with the Divine and cause a real change in man (and, then, in the human world in general). This is no less relevant to his experiments with self-translation, which, as he hoped, will establish the genuine dialogue between people (and entire peoples). These experiments, which, it must be said, were not at all untypical among bilingual and polyglot authors, immigrated to Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s, will be examined in the book Interpretative Commentary on Bilingual ‘Parallel’ Poems by Ludwig Strauss.

Yoav Wechsler

Book: Rabbi Hoffman´s method of Talmud studies and religious rulings

Abstract: This project tries to understand and outline Rabbi Hoffman's method of studying the Talmud and his religious rulings through his Bible commentary and his other writings.

שיטת לימוד התלמוד ופסיקת ההלכה של הרב הופמן על פי כתביו ופירושו למקרא
קיצור: הפרויקט ינסה להבין ולהגדיר את שיטתו של הרד"צ הופמן בהבנת ולימוד הגמרא הבבלית והירושלמית ובפסיקת ההלכה דרך פירושו למקרא, מחקריו ושיטת כתיבת ספריו
Fäkultat für Jüdische Studien הפקולטה למדעי היהדות Bar Ilan Universität, Ramat Gan, Israel אוניברסיטת בר אילן